An Introduction to Voters Evolt


Every four years the two main political parties construct “platforms” as publicity gimmicks to get their candidates elected.

After the election, both parties ignore their platform “policies” and begin to take care of themselves and their financial supporters, rather than to do what they promised to do for the rest of us.

Access by individuals to their elected officials is the foundation of a democratic republic. However, the election of our representatives is now more dependent upon the massive expenditures of campaign contributions from their corporate sponsors, their wealthy friends, and well-funded, special interest groups rather than upon a meaningful vote by an informed electorate.

No matter how deeply we ordinary citizens dig into our pockets, we cannot financially compete with these powerful forces.

No matter how well we organize, we cannot match the influence of lobbyists and political insiders.

No matter how often we march and protest, they will always beat us through the side door into the corridors of power.

Revolt or Evolt?

Since we have been abandoned by our government and our political parties, we must collectively focus upon a peaceful method to modify our government to one which more attentively considers the needs and concerns of all voters, whether Republican, Democrat, Reform, Libertarian, Green, Independent, or other.

An intolerant, non-responsive and repressive government cannot endure. Our choice is whether political change results from a violent revolution or a peaceful evolution, from a revolt or an evolt.

If we voters are smart enough to earn a living, if we can figure out how to pay our taxes, and if we have courage enough to fight the wars started by our representatives, we are also competent to collectively establish basic policy to guide our government.

A Peaceful Political Evolution

We, the voters of every party, must evolt against politics as usual and join in a nonviolent evolution to transform our government.

We must demand a national paper ballot for president that presents the 12 most important national policy questions that concern us and which forces the candidates to answer those questions before we vote for them.

All paid political advertising should be prohibited during the week before the election, and everyone should enjoy a paid holiday to celebrate the most sacred sacrament of our national political religion — voting.

Voters should go to their neighborhood polling place and thoughtfully answer the policy questions presented on the ballot.

Then, every one of us should carefully write in the name of the person we choose to implement our policy, whether or not that person’s name is printed on the ballot as a party candidate.

It could take a week or two to slowly and carefully hand count (or recount) the ballots. So what!

We will evolve a new system of government that will better serve to provide freedom, justice and prosperity to all who share this fragile planet.

We will decide who is in charge of our government and we will chart the direction of its future.

It is our government and our nation. It does not belong to corporations, unions or any other special interests.

We must act now to protect our lives, our liberty, our families and our government.

We are The Voters! We WILL NOT be ignored!

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