Standing Up for the USVRA

We Are Standing Up for the Voter’s Rights Amendment

Dr. Richard John Stapleton from Statesboro, GA
Charles Foerster from San Angelo, TX
Coleen Rowley from Apple Valley, MN
Missy Beattie
Judy Lee
Dr. Disamodha Amarasinghe from Norfolk, VA
Judith Jones from San Pedro, CA
Dr. Jud Schoendorf from Long Beach, CA
Stephen Martin
Mark Crispin Miller
Ron Jacobs
Helen Werner Cox from Long Beach, CA
Nels and Ola Wight from Belfast, ME
Tina Proffitt
Olga Flowers from Nixa, MO
Harvey Gendler, MD
Jake Terpstra from G .Rapids, MI
Carol Johnson from Grand Rapids, MI
Steven Cox from Chico, CA
Liddy Olszewski from Jenison, MI
Geraldine Adams from Gig Harbor, WA
George Bartnick from Grand Rapids, MI
Bradford Whipple from Sugar Hill, NH
Lenore Conklin from Apache Junction, AZ
Peter Rynders
Ron Magnuson
Jeffie Seale from St. Louis, MO
Linda Evans
Meria Heller from Phoenix, AZ
Malcolm Chaddock
Cathryn Blue from Rosanky, TX
Harry Nagendra from New York, NY
Cathy Frost from Chico, CA
Noah Kerwin
Jesse Galvan from San Antonio, TX
Charlotte Weybright from Fort Wayne, IN
Martha Fogelin from Williamsburg, VA
Victoria Marshall from Seattle, WA
Wilbur Pierce from Edmonds, WA
David Martin from Milwaukee, WI
Scott Pellegrino
Pamela Creasy from Talent, OR
Pat Wagner from Chico, CA
Jacqueline Carpenter
Frank Gutierrez from Chesapeake, VA
Greta Hughes from Los Angeles, CA
Scott Rickard from Satellite Beach, FL
Jim Martin from Springville, AL
Dr. Dana L. Booth from Houston, TX
Jim Parker from San Antonio, TX
Tony Prince from Maidstone, KY
Wanda Thompson from San Antonio, TX
Brent Jatko from Houston, TX
Robert Davis from St Louis Park, MN
Jim Cox from Bastrop, TX
Alexandra Gordon from Miami, FL
Paul Kekai Manansala from Antelope, CA
Jean Oiler
Maureen O’Brien from Portland, ME
Paul LaDue
Dana Kennedy from Phoenix, AZ
Paul Meyer from Iowa City, IA
Patrice Nango
Mary Fox from Fort Collins, CO
Helen Streett from Farmington Hills, MI
Richard Reilly from Chicago, IL
Scot Plemmons
James New from Murphy, TX
Marcella Young
Faizah Ghadban-Kandar from Greely/Ottawa, ON
Toni Gandel from Allenhurst, NJ
Richard Latham from Lakewood, CA
Lynn Martin from Caldwell, ID
Cranston Snord from Berkeley, CA
Seeta Begui from Satellite Beach, FL
Stephen Crockett from Earleville, MD
Glenda Marsh from Sacramento, CA
Wayne Beckley from Elyria, OH
Terrence Nicholson from Boston, MA
William John Cox from Long Beach, CA
Shaleen Title
Anita Ghazarian from Los Angeles, CA
Barry McGowan
Janice Silver from Sherman Oaks, CA
William Hamilton from Mount Pleasant, SC
Carol Dewey
Ray Joseph Cormier from Ottawa, Canada
Joel Hirschhorn from Chevy Chase, MD
Ryan Croken
Laura Gumina from Pittsburg, CA
Connie Harris
Sandra Reynolds from Mansfield, OH
Gale Abernathy from Birmingham, AL
Jeannie Dean from Los Angeles, CA
Raquel Brac from Redlands, CA
Bruce Prescott from Norman, Ok
Sam Sosa from Casa Grande, AZ
Faramarz Farbod
Candice Connor from San Diego, CA
Susan Yascolt from Oakland, CA
Jenny Yancey
Tena Prescott from Albuquerque, NM
Cleo Silvers from New York, NY
Marvin Freedland
Monica Leavitt
Gregory Iezzi from Texas
Doug Johnson
Ron Johnson from Lexington, SC
Carol Rolf from Colville, WA
Mary McCurnin from Rancho Cordova, CA
Sam Hampton
MJ Smith from OH
Terry Callen from Gloucester City, NJ
Estela Matta from Boston, MA
Orlando Mendez from Mount Pocono, PA
Martha Harich from Clarkston, GA
Kristin Hardy from Salem, OR
Jason James from Long Beach
Shirley DeMarco from Long Beach, CA
Kent Price from Salt Lake City, UT
Ana Gonzalez from Brooklyn, NY
Kristine Lang from Chicago, IL
Jason Pfister from Clayton, CA
Edith Garwood from Concord, NC
Arthur Cohen from Newton, MA
Torbjörn Englund from Järfälla, Sweden
Eunice LaFate from Wilmington, DE
Stephen R Rasmussen from Tulsa, OK
Cicely Ev Karen Hertz from Vancouver, British Columbia
CanadaRachelle Suissa from Brooklyn, NY
James Craver from Davenport, IA
Bob Haiducek
Margaret Ralston from Columbia, MO
Matt Nappe from Columbia, MO
James Greek
Gregory Vickrey
Ana Perez Susan Estrella from San Diego, CA
Jose Montano
Kennet Burger from Carlinville, IL
Ursula Sindlinger from Reno, NV
Heather Mash from Tillamook, OR
Michael Walters from Jersey City, NJ
Ike Waller from Magnolia, TX
Chris Kenngott from Washington, DC
Barron Laycock from Temple, NH
Carrie King from Vernon, NJ
Putnam Morgan from Guilford, CT
Samuel Emerson from Milwaukee, WI
Lora Lucero from Albuquerque, NM
Carol Zung from Savannah, GA
Pamela Morgan from Guilford, CT
Charles Alexander
Zorn Stephen Smith from Chicago, IL
Suzanne Taylor from Frostburg, MD
Anita Stewart from Florida
Richard Falzone from Alliance, OH
John Feffer from Hyattsville, MD
Cal Rifkin
Vik Verma
Kathy Quick
Sue Sturgis from Raleigh, NC
Janice Buffum from Kennebunk, ME
Cathy von Hassel-Davies from Graham, NC
Derrick Jones
Cynthia Schmitt
Paul Glover from Philadelphia, PA
Joanne Sunshower from Shutesbury, MA
Deborah Foster from Cottage Grove, MN
Wayne Boese from Surprise, AZ
Steven Davenny from Maricopa, AZ
Marilyn Borchardt from Oakland, CA
Chia Hamilton from Oakland, CA
DiAnne Grieser from Seattle, WA
Ronnie Perry from Kaneohe, HI
Richard Negri
Jane Serlin from San Leandro, CA
Jazzie Collins from San Francisco, CA
Laurie Singh
Julian Davis from San Francisco, CA
Mike Gullion from Cambridge, MA
Susan Englander from San Francisco, CA
Judi Woods from Fredonia, NY
Jack Lieberman from Hollywood, FL
Ina Martinez from Glendora, CA
Michael VanZant from Kalamazoo, MI
Steve Law from St Paul, MN
Ilene Proctor from Beverly Hills, CA
Tony Sutton from Georgetown, Ontario
Karen Tahir from Springfield, IL
Timothy Meyer from Sarasota, FL
Cynthia Rothschild from Greenfield, MA
Claiborne Smisson from Raleigh, NC
Kat Ladislaw from Upper Darby, PA
Sue Thompson from Winter Garden, FL
Myrna Ulrich from Sun Prairie, WI
Dianne Butler from Tamarac, FL
Robert Tomlinson from Florida
Barbara Burns from Cambridge, MA
Robert Ellman
Barbara Endicott from Albuqueqrque, NM
Matthew Hobler from Urbana, IL
Sam Huggins
Larry Maxwell from Montross, VA
Paula Miller from Morro Bay, CA
Mesha Monge
Irizarry John Russell from Dade City, FL
Mike Odetalla
Carol E Roper from West Chester, PA
Jason Tippitt from Newton Centre, MA
Bob Nicholson from Vallejo, CA
Peter Vickers
Alfred Lupton from Brookfield, CT
Denise Ventura from Glendale, CA
Randy Williams
Meg Belcher
Ruth O’Brien from New York, NY
Neil Silver from San Rafael, CA
Judith Podell from Washington, DC
Michelle Fistek from Ashland, NH
Lily Knol from Alexandria, VA
Anand Yogendra from Tucson , AZ
George Navarro from Lake Charles, LA
Luke Thomas from San Francisco, CA
Rick Albee
Douglas McAbee from San Francisco, CA
Rich Siegel from Teaneck, NJ
Nancy Glista
Robert Murri from Salt Lake City, UT
Lionel Rolfe from Los Angeles, CA
D.R. Forbes from Erie, KS
Joe Vecchio from San Diego, CA
Jon Carrington from St. Petersburg, FL
Josie Lenwell from Taos, NM
Nancy Meehan from Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Leslie Gengozian John Powell from Kansas City, KS
Lorenzo Canizares from Harrisburg, PA
Don Anderson from Lebanon, OR
Laura Selken from Santa Maria, CA
Pam Bailey from Alexandria, VA
Thomas Davis from Sussex , NJ
Joanne Hornfeck from Daytona Beach, FL
Anne Feeney from PIttsburgh, PA
Mary Donch from New Rochelle, NY
Stony Ferguson from Eau Claire, MI
Janice Edmunds from Poway, CA
Minelle and Jonathan Paloff
Theresa Roach
Chris Isaac from Smithville, TX
Dennis Kyne
Cheryl Wolfe from Polson, MT
Jim Cirile
Michelle Wilmot from Tucson, AZ
Alejandra Duran from San Bruno, CA
F. Hamilton from Las Vegas, NM
Thomas Booth from Estes Park, CO
Daniel Finn from Greenfield, MA
Alice Bach from Cleveland, OH
Dawn Lawson
Eileen MacEnery from Newbury Park, CA
Bill Johnson from Anaconda, MT
Colleen Graven from Moorpark, CA
Eric Stacey from Gresham, OR
Jeffrey Nibert from Pleasanton, CA
Sharon Tipton from Irvine, CA
Brad Ashbaugh from New York
Robert Litwiller from Palo Alto, CA
Phillip Yeh from San Bernardino, CA
Stephanie Sklar from Silver Spring, MD
Suzanne Schecker
Kevin Seale
H. James Hopkins from Oakland, CA
Todd Jenkins from San Bernardino, CA
Donna Brooks from Columbus, OH
Derek Perner from Cockeysville, MD
Victoria Massey from Greensboro, NC
Scott Camil from Gainesville, FL
David Mathison
David Gluck from Santa Monica, CA
Nancy Bagley from St Simons Island, GA
Paul Stanford from Portland, OR
Patrick Miller from Honolulu, HI
Keith Cooper from Eufaula, AL
Mark Hazelton from Denton, TX
Evan Ravitz from Boulder, CO
Kira Sabini
Trina Morrow from California
Jill Harrison from Baltimore, MD
Peter Burr from Franklin, TN
Van Flanagan from Franklin, TN
William Leavy from Santa Fe, NM
Rich Rudd from Palatine, IL
Donald Nathan from Elmhurst, IL
Sharon Hagen from Santa Monica, CA
Tim Gette from Arlington, TX
Michael Adler from Belmont, CA
Richard Cannon from Los Angeles, CA
Keith Flanagan from San Angelo, TX
Susan Rowe from Coasegold, CA
Sallie Planty
Howard Miller from Ventura, CA
Len Iwanski from Helena, MT
Laurel C B Stranaghan from Comfort, TX
Robert Ragels from New Braunfels, TX
Vince Yanez from Arizona
Rebecca Schloegl from Evergreen, CO
Randy Bobka from Cary, IL
Constance Ramsey from Maurertown, VA
James Burbridge from East Greenwich, RI
Don Beams
Karoli Kuns
Amanda Mason-Thomas from Goshen, IN
Tom Curtis from Lincoln, CA
Roy Griffin from Austin, TX
Sharon Stillson from Seattle, WA
Ladd Everitt from Washington, DC
Marilee Posavec from Littleton, CO
Erin Neathery from Phoenix, AZ
Vincent Collins from Denver, CO
Heidi Waddell from Monticello, WI
Gregory Loiacono from High Point, NC
Gary Hotham from Norwich, CT
Michele McCoy from FL
Michelle Contois from Gardner, MA
Catherine Wilson from Williamsport, PA
Richard Fischer from Bernard, IA
Laura Schlegel from Chicago, IL
Rori Hamilton from New York, NY
Liam Madden from Boston, MA
Marilyn Tencate from Avon, CT
Elizabeth Kaplan
Marti Joyce from San Anselmo, CA
Scott Marshall from Chicago, IL
Eric Paoletti from New York
Susan Serpa from Worcester, MA
John Bollinger from Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Tassi Mckee from Bastrop, LA
Shelley Ball from Elizabeth City, NC
Butler Waugh from Miami, FL
Yaney MacIver from Corvallis, OR
Benjamin Russak from Van Nuys, CA
Lawrence Yurdin from Redmond, WA
Karla Black
AV Tramontano
Maureen Shea from Hernando, FL
Kimberly Burgess from Las Vegas, NV
Ingrid Buckner from New York, NY
Charles Chamberlain from Washington, DC
Linda Scott from Los Angeles, CA
Stephen Zollman from San Francisco, CA
Lisa Smithline from Los Angeles, CA
NTodd Pritsky from Cambridge, VT
Leo Briones from Whittier, CA
Lawrence Fine from Hudson, MA
Ruth Harris from Santa Rosa, CA
David Yennior from Belleville, NJ
Nancy Reese from Gaithersburg, MD
Jodi Bauter from Midway, GA
Melissa Montoya from Lancaster, CA
Emman Randazzo
Paula Abeles Paul Belanger from Warsaw, MO
Peggy Ruch from Salado, TX
Jeanine Molloff from St. Louis, MO
Robert Pashos from Godfrey, IL
Jayne Lyn Stahl from Walnut Creek, CA
Debra Poss from Atlanta, GA
Roy Haynes from Belleville, IL
Ronald Larson from Napa, CA
Martin Jones
Kathryn Brodrick from Rancho Murieta, CA
Dan Kenney
Head Roc from Washington, DC
Karen Anijar from Modesto, CA
Catherine M. Zatsick from Sun City Center, FL
Karl Moore from Slidell, LA
Shahram Vahdany
Mary Anne Simpson
Penny Little from Santa Barbara, CA
Erin Gove from Los Gatos, CA
Michael Dewey from Ayer, MA
Tracy Knauss from Chattanooga, TN
Joe Anybody from Portland, OR
Jennifer Muller
John Rachel from Sasayama, Hyogo, Japan
Kyle Klebba from Redford, MI
Mike Smith from LaGrange, GA
Glen Martin
Jill Chesler from San Jose, CA
Josh Brown from Chicago, IL
Terry Flowers from Independence, MO
Jacob Hoag from Chicago, IL
Laurence Overmire from West Linn, OR
Karen Trask
Frances Klein from Boston, MA
Mary Molina
Craig Kruse from Phoenix, AZ
Bill Clark from Pickerington, OH
Ronald Tompkins from Jackson Heights, NY
Janet McCourt from Quincy, MA
Paul and Candace Witte from Covington, KY
Robert D. Skeels from Los Angeles, CA
Tanya Kasim from Mahes, Jordan
Elodia Resendez from Midland, MI
Henry Bemis David Green from Onset, MA
Marcia Everett from Angier, NC
Marcello Rollando from Washington, DC
Susan Pizzo from Bahama, NC
Mark Fodor from Orlando, FL
Eric Gebert from Montrose, NY
Emmeline Perfetti
Ann Elizabeth Cox from Akron, OH
Tom Dodamead from Marathon, FL
Luis Cuevas from Gainesville, FL
Phil Seibert from Altoona, IA
Luis Reinoso
Esmeralda Allen from Corvallis, OR
Vincenzo Pietracatella
Lisa Hernandez from Corpus Christi, TX
Fredrick Bertz from Van Nuys, CA
Marguerita Dentino from Freehold, NJ
Sheila Daniels from Hondo, TX
Sandy LeonVest from Bolinas, CA
Jeannine Coleman from Easley, SC
Bob Babcock from Illinois
Suzanne Taylor from Frostburg, MD
Peter Hall from Elverson, PA
Deborra Low from Corvallis, OR
Sherrie Miranda from Chula Vista, CA
David Green
Sonya McIntyre Handy from Charlotte, NC
Zalman Saperstein from Fish Creek, WI
Rebecca Nyberg from St. Paul, MN
Cristi Haiser from Newport, OR
Tim Hermach from Eugene, OR
Martin Schilde
Patrick Mastrobuono from New Haven, CT
Andrew Carter from Altamonte Springs, FL
Cecelia Morton
Rodney Berg
Michael Canney
Marjorie Morales from New Rochelle, NY
Christopher Warren from Wilmington, NC
Steve Windisch from Key West, FL
Joe Harris from Racine, WI
Mandy Andersonn from Spring Hill, FL
Carl Clark from Sacramento, CA
John-Otto Liljenstolpe from Seattle, WA
Joann Leaming from Joliet, IL
Larry Busby from Salem, AR
Maggie Martin from Decatur, TN
Cathi Erman
Sergio Lebid
Cathy Young from Beaver, PA
Sally Stutlien from Fargo, ND
Linda Kemp from Arlington, VA
Curt Sommer
Michael Masley from Los Angeles, CA
Catherine Myles from Swansea, Wales
Kyle Christensen from Dayton, OH
Wayne Crislip from Akron, OH
Leon Todd from Milwaukee, WI
Nina Jackson from Long Beach, CA
Dana Robinson from Chicago, IL
Ray Durr from Fox Lake, WI
Diane Jackson from Malibu, CA
Tammy J. LaBey from White Bear Lake, MN
Lynda Bush from Biloxi, MS
Debra West from North Bend, OR
Carol Moore from California
Sheila Datz from Boston, MA
John McCarthy from Los Angeles, CA
Cheryl Kopec from Tacoma, WA
Louise Owens from Lebanon, OR
John Milich from Ithaca, NY
Barbara Doering from Buffalo, NY
Steve Rechel from Newark, OH
Christine Medina from Bellerose, NY
Melody Johnson from Ithaca, NY
Joy Towles Ezell from Perry, FL
Jenny Kastner from Cambridge, MA
Carla Herwitz from Fall River, MA
Mike Deren Jr.
Robert N. Johnson from St Petersburg, FL
Tim Nolan from Saint Paul, MN
BIll Sorem from Minnetonka, MN
Brian Carroll from Concord, NC
Virginia Carroll from Concord, NC
Kathryn McFarland from Folsom, CA
Michael Scott from Santa Rosa, CA
Karen Hansen from Sacramento, CA
Sean OConnery from Florida
Judith Montoya
Gordon Stuedler
Laura Moon
Vilma Fox from Miami, FL
Ike Nelson from Littleton, CO
Rick Waugh from Louisa, VA
Kristi Cofield from Greensboro, NC
Alexandra DeCozen from California
Suzette Sommer from Normandy Park, WA
Lawrence Turner from Glendora, CA
Cynthia Feist from Denver, CO
Lela Morgan from Lafayette, IN
Lyn Valentino-Perigueux from Vancouver, WA
Paul Fried from Northrfield, MN
Darlene Kelley from Atlantic Beach, FL
Karita and Paul Hummer from San Jose, CA
Tracy Ann Jacobs from San Jose, CA
Vaughn Pettit
Helene Wargo from New Jersey
Johnny Workman from Stonewall, LA
Marilyn McKinstry
Leslie Chasse from Camas, WA
Cheryl Altman from Sandy, UT
Veronica Roberts from Tijeras, NM
Harold Helm
Karen Pyle Kristy Kramer from Scottsdale, AZ
Jennifer Sullivan from Spring Hill, FL
Nathan Daschle from Washington, DC
Steven Nunn from Tulsa, OK
Doris Sachetti
Marilyn Good from Seminole, FL
Daniel Millstone from New York, NY
Fay Easter from Sarasota, FL
Peggy Wilson from Holladay, UT
Lisa Johnson from Scottsdale, AZ
Patricia Holly from Rhame, ND
Kenneth Warfield from Anaheim Hills, CA
Christopher Lunn from Genoa, NV
Cathy Randall
Anna Trevorrow from Portland, ME
Linda Sante from Ben Lomond, CA
Robert Horner Jr from Star Lake, NY
Cord Macguire from Cave Junction, OR
Dana Camp-Farber from Houston, TX
Darlene Stukas from Acworth, GA
Maureen Barnato from El Sobrante, CA
Bernadette Dyer from Harleysville, PA
Joe Brothers from Fridley, MN
Claudia Krenz from Portland, OR
Melanie Galletta
Alan Seizys from Chicago, IL
Joanne Giovenco from Schaumburg, IL
Julie Driscoll from Park Forest, IL
Donald Rasmussen
Mary Sasko
Anne ProudFire from Rochester, NY
Moses Seenarine from Huntington Beach, CA
C. T. Weber from Sacramento, CA
Judith Petty from Buffalo, NY
Vicky Schlemmer from Gainesville, MO
Marilyn Conner
Terri Jernigan from Virginia
Patty Langford
Romero from DeBerry, TX
David Gross from Boone, NC
Thomas Milcarek from Santa Cruz, CA
Linda Hagan from Washington
Paul Nevins from Boston, MA
Florence Windfall from Oakland, CA
Harry Clayton from Tampa, FL
Mary Dean
Dr. Jennifer Penland from Shepherdstown, WY
Robert Buscho from Anaheim, CA
Dwayne Hunn from Mill Valley, CA
Paul E. Lipinski from Watauga, TX
Candida F. Shushan from River Ridge, LA
Pamela Hampton from Gulfport, MS
Tammy Rose from Maysel, WV
Kevin Benderman
Deborah Fulton
Stephen Berghoff
Courtney Cole from Excelsior Springs, MO
John Penland
Shelley Peterson from California
Ilene Carson from Chicago, IL
David Apperson from Texas
Gerald Roach from Hainesport, NJ
Gloria Williams from Iowa City, IA
Joshua Kricker from Pittsboro, NC
Alice Shirey from Florida
Christy Kirk
Tziporah Leah Shull from Richmond, VA
Frank Koenigsamen from Colorado Springs, CO
Liza Powell
Evan Stover from Kingston, NY
Terra Wolfe from Tucson, AZ
Marnee Crawford from Estero, FL
Diane Meyer Simon from Montecito, CA
Louisa Kaiserman from Lake Bluff, IL
Kelley Sanderson from Cascade, CO
P. Ruebusch
Mile Hansen from St. Charles, IL
Adair Faircloth from Ocean Park, WA
Ana Panait from Santa Rosa, CA
Ryan Hebert from Broussard, IA
Tom Bates from Portland, OR
Parris Young from Alberton, MT
James Hoyt from Florence, CO
Kimberly Searcy from Antioch, TN
Jennifer Bellan from Ashuelot, NH
E. Henry Schoenberger from Shaker Heights, OH
Ken Brucker from San Diego, CA
Marie Russell-Barker from Chicago, lL
Robin Eublind from Virginia
Edward McAuley from Tiburon, CA
Kendra Ulrich
Carondelet Dember from Austin, TX
Andrew Markoff from Hallandale Beach, FL
Dan Goldstein from Madison, WI
William Stokes from the District of Columbia
Mary Elizabeth Harder from Johnson City, TN
Steven Alexander from Milwaukee, WI
Linda Burton from Radford, VA
Michelle Hernandez from Los Angeles, CA
Lynda Lawson-Usher from Conneticut
Cindy Simmons from Canton, MI
Suzanne LeBoeuf from Akron, OH
Pat Middleton from Amelia Island, FL
Leslie Harris from Mt Marion, NY
Craig JTMP from Washington, DC
Homer Maxwell from Euharlee, GA
Paul Smalley from San Diego, CA
Donna Cotter from Maryville, TN
Ruth Anastacia Adamcik from Lakewood, OH
Michael Zezima from Astoria, NY
Jay Branscomb from Washington, DC
Mary Armacost from Speedway, IN
Sandra Twang from New Berlin, NY
Wayne Austin from Panama City, FL
Cynthia Brown
Susan Ifergan from Chicago, IL
Douglas Clapp from Parker, CO
Everette Morgan from Garland, TX
Manny Whitlock from Oklahoma City, OK
William Garrison from Brighton , CO
Larry Gordon from Tallahassee, FL
Robin Howlett from Sacramento, CA
Mark Colucci from Youngstown , OH
Lyn Larsen from New York, NY
Robert Kiehn
Michael Dickey from Port Saint Lucie, FL
Richard McGinnis from Wesley Chapel, FL
Mildred Denney
Elena Powers from Shrewsbury, MA
Perry Martinez
Arthur Brenner
Suzanne Daniel from Columbus, GA
David Hamilton from Virginia Beach, VA
Racheli Gai from Tucson, AZ
Frank Gutierrez from Chesapeake, VA
Richard Charnin
Betty Graddy from Houston, TX
Brooks Rickard
Jenn Jackson
Patrick Arthur from Weehawken, NJ
Timothy Newkirk from Palm Coast, FL
Lorraine Doyle
Andrea Haverback from Studio City, CA
Stephanie Thigpin from Galt, CA
Christina Stelman from Parsippany, NJ
Ron Hansel from West Covina, CA
Regina Dobson from Portland, OR
Gary Ghirardi from Poway, CA
Joseph Diaferia from Yonkers, NY
Sherry Cohen
Pamela Senzee from Phoenix, AZ
Lawrence Hayes from Brooklyn, NY
Noah Ewing from Modesto, CA
Rebecca Lynne from Edmonds, WA
Alberto Saavedra from Sherman Oaks, CA
Cathy Kubik from South Bend, IN
Ernest Andujo
Rock River from Chapel Hill, NC
Gail Harrison from Mesa, AZ
Kathleen Beavin from Bothell, WA
James Ascher from Austin, TX
Merelyn Dolins from Maplewood, NJ
Wendy Pestilli
Claude van Lingen
John Manulis from Los Angeles, CA
Paula Cereghino from Bloomington, NY
Linda West
Richard Erickson from Sioux Falls, SD
Juan Moreno from Ann Arbor, MI
Christopher Gyorkos
Cassandria Slay from Camarillo, CA
Shawn Toumodge from Sarasota, FL
Chris Duncan from Knoxville, TN
Steven Steigerwald from Rutland, VT
Constance Porter from Charlottesville, VA
Daryl Davis from Dallas, TX
Donald Stein
Bart Bolger from Corvallis, OR
Larry Harris from Lawton, OK
Rex Baumgardner from Kingman, AZ
Jeffrey Haslett from Williston, VT
Jeffrey Schultz from expatriate
Kathleen Tepper from Connecticut
Alton Travland from Draper, UT
Johnny Stroud from Wichita, KS
Deborah Yeomans
Sarah Murray from Wilmington, DE
James Lobdell from Santa Rosa, CA
Larry Jones
Annette Reggio
Steven Keuss from Plano, TX
John Earle
Charles Frederick from Freeport, Bahamas
Carol Hay Doris Taylor from Lakewood, CA
Karen Pallist
Greg Skyles from Corrales, NM
Robyn Richards from Albuquerque, NM
Jonathan Roth from New York
Greg Ouellette from Bend, OR
Lew Douglas from Oakland, CA
William Sears from Gulf Breeze, FL
Wendy Lynne Lee
Terry Morgan from Maryville, TN
Neil Daniels from Eden Prairie, MN
Kate Luce
Keenan Reed from Lake Forest Park, WA
Daniel Letwin from Cleveland, OH
Larry B. Mackie
Edward Rodriguez from San Antonio, TX
Patricia Watson
Louis J. Esposito from Orange, CT
Summer Tweedell from Hayward, CA
Chris Casses from Franklin, NC
Stephen Pitt
John H Kennedy from Denver, CO
Johanna Kovitz
Karen Collins-Fleming from Holmes Beach, FL
Nicholas Chagnon from Honolulu, HI
Bruce Orcutt from Moraga, CA
Gary Armstrong from Sedro Woolley, WA
Eric Banks from Ukiah, CA
Rachel Tolmachoff from Pleasant Hill, CA
Tara Gordon from Washington, DC
Janet Parker from Kansas
B. Sidney Smith from Appomattox, Virginia
Van Flanagan from Franklin, Tennessee
Dariel Garner
Mari Rooney
Bill Kreml from Columbia, South Carolina
David Hill from Orlando, Florida
Katherine Hindricks from Cypress, California
Bobbie Buchanan
Thomas Burke from Columbia, South Carolina
Dave Finnigan from Kissimmee, Florida
Ryan Heuser from East Palo Alto, California
Sheila Martin
Peter Cohen
David Hoelscher from Collinsville, Illinois
Jamie Godby from Louisville, Ky
Dorothy Korber from Grass Valley, CA
Tammy Reed from Pensacola, FL
Joel Simpson from Union, NJ
Brian McCully
Norlyn Dimmitt from Geneva, IL
Kevin Shults from Columbia, MO
Barbara Glassman from Nashua, NH
Robin Hensel from Little Falls, MN
Jacqueline Carpenter from Prescott Valley, AZ

These Are Our Organizations
The Meria Heller Show
Family Guy
Freethinkers Association of Central Texas (FACT)
Democratic Talk Radio
Voters Evolt!
Occupy Rigged Elections
Occupy Long Beach
Occupy Personhood
Silenced Majority Portal
Union Review
Global Peace Network
Anti-Republican Crusaders
Education Not Incarceration
Occupy Danbury
CUNY Graduate Center
Shelter Plus Care
Code Pink
Keystone Progress
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Landfall Productions, Inc.
Cartoonists Across America
Veterans for Peace Chapter 14
Be The Media
Skeptic Friends Network
Occupy San Antonio
APFA/Citizens Action
NE Indictment Coalition
Antelope Valley Clean Cities
UK Progressive
Media With Conscience
People to People TV
LaGrange Humanists, Inc.
Santa Clara Democrats
Los AngelesGreen Party
The Reasonable Voice, LLC
Progressive Push
Casa Freehold
Honk For Weed
PUSH Peace Movement
Native Forrest Council
Green Party of Florida
Artist General Blog
Scholars for 911 Truth
Global Peace
Facebook Liberal News Feed
Hernando Green Party
CUP – Coalition of Utah Progressives
Politics Anonymous
Lawyers for Economic Justice
Fellowship of Humanity
Shepherd University
NIC International College Japan
Vets Helping Vets
Occupy Kingston NY
Missoula Center for Nonviolence
Occupy South Bay San Diego
People For the Ethical Treatment of People
Justice Through Music Project
Foot Soldiers 4 Obama
FACE (Families of America’s Condemned Empowered)
Ironheads for Peace
Occupy Knoxville
Democracy for America-Fairfield County
MedicalWhistleblower Advocacy Network
University of South Carolina

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