Transforming America: A Voters’ Bill of Rights

The United States is in a crisis! Its people have awakened from their American Dream and found their government controlled by a plutocracy consisting of corporations and a wealthy elite.
Voting is suppressed, campaign cash rules, and voters are manipulated and misled by the corporate media. At the heart of the crisis is the startling revelation that the authors of the Constitution failed to include a fundamental right to vote.
Transforming America: A Voters’ Bill of Rights is a handbook for a national nonpartisan movement by the People of the United States to transform their government into one that nurtures and cares for the society that elects it, instead of the wealthy elite and their corporations who bribe and control the People’s representatives.
The United States Voters’ Rights Amendment (USVRA) ensures the right to cast effective ballots and dramatically transforms the United States government into a true representative democracy.
The USVRA will reorient the government to the People and their society, and it will provide the means to force the government to work for the benefit of those who elect it.
Transforming America provides a brief background of the Enlightenment—which motivated those who founded the nation—their revolution, and the growth of freedom. The book also traces the destruction of that freedom, the growth of corporate citizenship, and the current American crisis in which the nation is ruled by political stooges hired and paid for by the wealthy elite and their corporations.
Reminiscent of the Federalist Papers, each section of The United States Voters’ Rights Amendment is analyzed to provide a better understanding of its contents.
The book concludes with the belief that the USVRA will succeed only through a mass, nonpartisan, populist movement by the People of the United States—led by the Nation’s youth.
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