The USVRA.US was organized as a California nonprofit corporation to promote the enactment and ratification of the United States Voters' Rights Amendment. It does not seek outside financial support.

The USVRA.US recognizes that a youth-led, nonpartisan, mass political movement arising on the high school, college, and university campuses is the only effective way the Voters' Bill of Rights will ever become a part of the Constitution of the United States

The USVRA.US believes that the Women of American must be at the forefront of the movement—if it is to remain nonviolent and result in a caring government.

The People

The People of the United States of America are composed of immigrants from every other region on Earth—who have come together to engage in self government founded upon the pursuit of personal liberty and justice.

The United States government belongs to the American People, and it must conform to their will. Their consent to be governed cannot be taken for granted, and it can be withheld—if the People are not properly represented by their government.

The People have the right to declare their Rights of Liberty and to withhold their consent from a corrupt, ineffective, unrepresentative, and threatening government, unless steps are taken to ensure the dignity and competence of their government.