A Crisis!

  • The U.S. government no longer represents the American People—it is trampling on our freedoms, and it is endangering our security.
  • Living under a cruel and corrupt government in a declining economy and polluted environment, the People must seize control—if we are to preserve our liberty and avoid human extinction within our lifetimes.
  • United and armed with our Rights of Liberty, the People have the power to peacefully reserve our consent to a corrupt, ineffective, unrepresentative, and threatening government, as we petition for our right to cast effective votes.
  • To finally achieve equality, the Women of American must be at the forefront of the movement—if it is to remain nonviolent and result in a caring government.
A Crisis - VIDEO NARRATION (0:44)

The USVRA (United States Voters' Rights Amendment)

  • Honors the voters by providing a constitutional right to vote, ensures equal rights to women, and makes all votes count equally.
  • Solves the problems that prevent effective voting, and it provides power to the People, rather than the corporations and wealthy elite.
  • Demands truth and transparency from the government; it educates voters and future leaders; it allows the People to make their own policies; and it forces elected representatives to keep their promises.
  • Ensures a more caring and nurturing government—instead of one that threatens world peace and the liberty and future of Americans.


Read the Blueprint — A Voter's Bill of Rights


Women's March - Los Angeles - 2019

You Do Not Have the Right to Vote


You Do Have the Power to Petition Your Government!

  • Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, or Independent, your government represents powerful corporations, special interests, and the wealthy elite—not you.
  • It doesn't matter who, or which party, you vote for—the result will be the same.
  • There is no right to vote in the U.S. Constitution, but every Person does have the right to petition their government for redress of grievances.
  • The voters can gain control of their government—if enough People file a personal petition demanding the right to cast effective votes and the enactment of the Voters' Bill of Rights.
  • It doesn't matter if you are young or old, a student, a worker, a professional, or a small business owner— if you want your government to represent you, you must exercise the power that you already have.

You Do Not Have The Right To Vote - VIDEO NARRATION (1:02)

The Rights of Liberty and Consent to be Governed

  • We give expression to our Rights of Liberty by granting our consent to be governed—which provides the power to operate our government.
  • The People always retain the Rights of Liberty, and we can withdraw our consent to be governed by an unrepresentative government. The collective, residual, and undelegated power of the People remains with us and our local councils and States of Residency.
  • Looking at it from our point of view, the American People are resident within 50 States United of America—which has the inherent power to dissolve a United States government that has grown dangerously out of control.
  • Once a corrupt, ineffective, unrepresentative, and threatening government fails to take action to restore dignity to the government and to earn public support, we, the People, have a Ninth and Tenth Amendment right to withdraw our consent and to declare our personal independence.
  • A Declaration of Personal Rights of Liberty serves as a petition against the government for a redress of individual grievances. A national referendum on the Voters' Bill of Rights held in conjunction with the 2020 presidential election would be restorative and transformative for the People's government.
  • As a symbol of a free People, a gold stripe lovingly added to the United States flag would clearly demonstrate that it represents all Americans.

The Rights of Liberty - VIDEO NARRATION (1:45)


An All-American Liberty Flag



Free Book - Transforming America

Transforming America: A Voters' Bill of Rights is a handbook for a national nonpartisan movement by the People of the United States to transform their government into one that nurtures and cares for the society that elects it.

Along with his petition for redress and declaration of grievances, Mel Lindsey mailed a copy of Transforming America to the President, Vice President, every cabinet member, senator, congressional representative, and Supreme Court justice.

Will they read the book? Declare your personal rights of liberty and tell your elected officials to pay attention to the People who elect them and to remind them whose government they represent.


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